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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Boston and New England Cruise - 13 days from October 3rd to 15/2016.....

On Saturday, after breakfast, we took the Hotel courtesy car (Tip $5 - Baggage handler at dock $5) to the cruise ship terminal to go for a Holland America New England Cruise, ending up in Montreal, Canada. 

We really enjoyed this hotel - XV Beacon has a very convenient location, right downtown and right next to the Freedom Trail.  You will enjoy using the older elevators, and you will certainly like your room, especially the walk-in showers.  The staff were attentive, the concierges were helpful, and we enjoyed the doormen, who always made you feel welcome.  The drivers of the Hotel courtesy car were informative and up-to-date.   After an activity, they always ask if they can come pick you up, but pass on this – either walk or take a cab – don’t spend your time waiting. 

We checked into The Rotterdam about 1 pm, and stayed on the lowest deck (because of sea sickness) in adjoining Ocean view cabins.  We had only paid for interior cabins, but Holland America upgraded our cabins to Ocean view.  
We were invited to welcoming appetizers and champagne/beer in the Crowsnest in the late afternoon.  I am a 3-Star Mariner with Holland America, so a few extra perks.
This was a quiet day on the ship – the Rotterdam sailed at 4 pm up to Bar Harbor, Maine.  We were looking forward to the sailing because when we went to Newport, we saw the area south of Boston, and now are looking north. 

We booked the fixed seating dinner at 8 pm, meet four other vacationers, and I had onion soup, short ribs, and apple strudel.   A day of rest on the Cruise. 

Photos belong to Phil Bianco  

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