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Monday, 6 February 2017

New York - 10 days from April 15th to 25th/2016.....

On the last Monday, we went for breakfast at the Red Flame Diner, and then, at 11 o’clock, left the Iroquois Hotel in a private van to the airport - $65.   I flew to Jacksonville and arrived home about 6 pm that day. 

The New York Pass, with the extra 3 day bus ride, was $275.   Using the New York Pass, we saved $194.95 in admission tickets, and we quite enjoyed the bus ride around Harlem.  We did take the bus 4 times, but the one time, we could easily have walked.  Next time, we will not buy the $25 – 3/day pass, then the New York Pass would be just the $250.  For the one extra day, we could easily have taken the subway.  

The most convenient way to get around New York is to use the subway – we found the subway to be cheap, clean, safe and quite busy.  Be sure and check out the subway tiles at the stations.  Lots of stairs and walking- all the women on the subway were in sneakers.

The Red Flame Diner, just three doors away, was a perfect spot for breakfast, for a quick lunch, and a soup and sandwich after the baseball game.  The Diner kind of reminds you of the Diners in your town.

The Concierge was a big help and I met with him just about every day – we left him a tip, and one of the valets was very interested in seeing what we were doing and we also left him a tip, and a tip for housekeeping. 

We really enjoyed this hotel – The Iroquois has a very convenient location where you are away from the crowds at Times Square but certainly close enough to walk.   You will enjoy using the older elevators, the library, and you will certainly enjoy the room.  The staff were attentive – the Front Desk would print out street maps to follow and, the one morning we got up early, complimentary coffee from the kitchen.  We stayed on the top floor so hardly heard any street noise.  You will feel very comfortable staying at this hotel, and you will enjoy New York – the trip of a lifetime!

My next blog, published about the beginning of March, will be of my trip to Boston, including a Holland America cruise ending up in Montreal.  Hope you are following….

Photos belong to Phil Bianco   

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