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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

New York - 10 days from April 15th to 25th/2016.....

On Wednesday, after breakfast, we walked to Times Square, waited about 20 minutes, then took the Hop On/Off bus and got off at the first stop – Rockefeller Centre.    Only later did we realize that we were only about 6 blocks from the hotel, and regretted losing this time to the bus. 

We used the coupon in the New York Pass to go on a tour of the Rockefeller Centre  - this would have costs  $17.  The tour lasted about an hour, and was very interesting.  You tour the outsides of the buildings at Rockefeller Centre -  lots of art embedded in the buildings and you end up at a statue of Atlas facing St. Patrick’s Cathedral.   The tour guide was very knowledgeable (Tip $3).  

Afterwards, from our Night on the Town tour, we used the Top of the Rock tickets – which is the top floor of Rockefeller Centre ($32).    When you take the elevator up, look at the ceiling - flashing lights and designs.    Magnificent view from Top of the Rock – lots of benches around – stay as long as you like.  The Rockefeller Tour and Top of the Rock were busy, but again, not jam packed.

We walked across the street to Radio City Music Hall, also part of the Rockefeller Centre, and we booked a tour there at 2 pm, using the New York Pass, otherwise the costs were $26.95.
Then walked two blocks to Magnolia Bakery (where the girls from Sex and the City pick up their cupcakes) and had a very good raspberry lemon cheesecake ($9) – no seats in the Bakery, but cross the street and lots of tables and chairs.


Then toured Radio City Music Hall – excellent tour.  You can take a picture with a Rockette, but you will have to pay at the end, so we didn’t.   Be sure to go into the women’s bathroom to take a picture of their make up tables. Then we walked back to the hotel (6 blocks).    

We went to the Broadway show that night – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time  – at the Barrymore Theatre - about 5 blocks from the hotel     We were a little early so went to the pub, The Glass Tavern, for a beer.  The Glass Tavern was very busy – they had to sit up an extra table for us, with a hard working waitress running up and down those stairs. 

The Barrymore Theater was the last theatre built by Lee & Shubert for specific performers – Ethel Barrymore in 1928, and was very grand.  The play was only about a third full – next time, we will not buy tickets ahead unless we are going to a sold-out show – we could have bought them for half price in Times Square.  
After the show, we walked to Sardis (3 blocks) which was not busy, and I had two crepes with beef and pork, a chocolate mousse and a beer ($45).  It was interesting to see their cartoons of the stars, and the waitress made you feel very comfortable.   Afterwards, joined the many people walking and went back to the hotel. 
 Photos belong to Phil Bianco  

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