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Friday, 10 February 2017

Jaro and his bike are now in Spain (2nd week of February/17)....

Second time up to the top of La Gomera. The climb was much less strenuous than the first time - good progress in fitness!   Today, there was no one at the "Mirador" (look-out).

The main limitation is that you always need to get to the top of Gomera - a long climb. Once there, it is fairly easy going and a good number of roads.  As planned, the last circuit was extended to the north-west, out to El Cercado and Las Hayas, and even a little unplanned detour to Arure (took a wrong turn).

Route GM-2 through Parque Garajonay involves quite a bit of climbing, from Las Hayas going south-east, but it is just long and not very steep. The rain forest in Garajonay is quite interesting to see, but not that great for photography.   Return to Playa Santiago by way of Los Roques, like last time.
I just found out, at the local bike store, that there is a boat that goes from Playa Santiago to Valle Gran Rey, twice a week, for 10 €.  Very interesting - that means I can go to Valle Gran Rey without having to climb Gomera twice in one day!  Something to add a bit of variety in my bike rides....

A nice lookout near El Cercado, looking west towards the ocean.  A little over 5.5 hours total, so a pretty long day on the bike.
Photos belong to Jaro Franta


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