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Sunday, 29 January 2017

New York - 10 days from April 15th to 25th/2016.....

On Sunday, about 8 am, we took a yellow cab to Central Park ($10) – we were going to Loebs Boathouse for brunch.  We were dropped off at a side entrance next to the Boathouse - there are no cars allowed in Central Park on the weekend.  There was a marathon going on in the Park, so quite eventful.  Besides the restaurant in Loeb’s Boathouse, there was also a self-serve cafeteria with reasonable prices.   People with dogs sat outside – a very busy place.


The Boathouse is on a small lake with paddle boats and canoes.   No reservation allowed for brunch  – if you want a lake view, be prepared to stand in line.  The Boathouse opened at 9:30 and was already quite lined up.  I had eggs Benedict served with banana bread, coffee and orange juice ($30).     Very nice brunch in a classy restaurant, going back to an earlier era of New York. 

Then walked around Central Park – went to Belvedere Castle, and I climbed up into the tower and took some pictures.  Then came back down to the main deck and took some pictures of the turtles.

There was a pond with small rented sailboats (where we stopped for a snack), a couple of playgrounds, one with a statue of Alice in Wonderland, walked by the zoo, and ended up at the front entrance to the Park, where all the horses are.

Then we walked back to the hotel for a rest – it was hot and we stopped to have a soda at a grocery store with seats at the front.   So much to see, including the store windows, that you do not notice that this was a long walk.

Met with the Concierge about going to a movie, and we decided to see Batman vs Superman. About 6 pm, went to Pig and Whistle - fish and chips and Guinness ($30) – this was only about three blocks from the hotel. Then walked to AMC Empire 25 – about 5 blocks but good to walk after dinner - to see the movie ($13) and then walked back. The Concierge asked about the movie, and we rated it as 4 for the plot, but 10 for action, so a 7.

A very nice Sunday in New York.......  

Photos belong to Phil Bianco

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