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Friday, 27 January 2017

New York - 10 days from April 15th to 25th/2016.....

We followed this blogger on his Cruise and Land Tour in Provence, and now we are going to follow him to New York – 10 days to see The Big Apple.

Cost of New York trip – April/2016 - Airfare $376  - Iroquois Hotel $3176  (10 nights) American dollars.

I took a flight from Jacksonville to New York La Guardia, and then waited at the airport for my travelling companion – another solo traveler.  We both had our own hotel room, and each paid for meals.  We split cabs and tips – it is nice to have a companion in New York.

We had booked a Viator shuttle from the airport to the Iroquois Hotel for $34 for both of us, plus a gratuity.  After driving around the airport and picking up a whole van full of passengers, we left the airport about 9:30 that night.

Every person in the van was on vacation, so everybody was in a good mood.  It was about an hour ride in very busy traffic, including going over the historic Brooklyn Bridge. 

The Iroquois Hotel is located right next to Times Square (about 3 blocks) and it is on a one-way street, which made getting into and out of vehicles easier. 

We asked at the Front Desk for directions to the Perfect Pint Pub - it was only about two blocks away.  We arrived at the Pub about 11:30; it was quite busy even at that hour. 

rooftop patio

We noticed that all the buildings are quite narrow - I went up steep stairs to their rooftop patio – there were landings to take a breath, but a long way up, so we decided to eat on the main floor. 

I had a very nice Irish beef stew and a beer ($30 including tip).   Then we walked back to the hotel - there were a lot of tourists walking around.

Photos belong to Phil Bianco

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