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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Jaro and his bike are now in Spain (3rd week of January/17)....

Today’s ride up to Alajeró and the Parque Nacional de Garajonay involved 15K of climbing (about 3.5 hours including photo stops), followed by about 25K of mostly descent, in about 20 minutes.

Nearing Alajeró - about half the climb done - Tenerife's El Teide in the distance.

These two Spaniards passed me a couple of times on the climb up to Alajeró, but I passed them back when they stopped.  On this second stop, one of them was fixing a flat.  I guess they must have turned around, because I never saw them again after that.

Thought this was close to the summit of the road, but it turned out there was lots more left - this intersection really is the summit of the road.  

Routes CV-13, GM-2 and GM-3 on the Google satellite view..... 

Photos belong to Jaro Franta

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