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Monday, 2 January 2017

AMA Cruise and Land Tour in Provence - December 4th/15....

The Meridian Hotel served a fair buffet breakfast and offered to fix eggs as requested.  I had a two-egg omelet with bacon, a pastry, orange juice and coffee. 

We had a very good tour of Barcelona, both by walking and by bus.  We started by walking down Las Ramblas for a few blocks; and then turning down a side street to the Gothic Quarter, the true heart of Barcelona.

The tour of the Gothic Quarter began by entering Bisbe Street, and the last site was the Cathedral.   A white marble choir screen, sculptured in the 16th century, depicts the martyrdom of St. Eulalia, the city’s patron.  In front of the Cathedral, Christmas market stalls were set up.

The next tour stop was the top of a hill (Montjuic), which gave an excellent overview of Barcelona’s sea front, port and the Gothic Quarter with the Cathedral and the Sagrada Familia Basilica.  There was also a waterfall at the top of the hill.

The final stop of the tour of Barcelona was at the Sagrada Familia Basilica.  Europe’s most unconventional church, the Sagrada Familia Basilica, is the architect Gaudi’s greatest work. This became his life’s work - he lived like a recluse on the site for 16 years, and is buried in the crypt.

After such a big breakfast, I skipped lunch.

In the afternoon I walked on my own to the Picasso Museum, about 20 minutes away.   I was disappointed in the Picasso Museum and in Picasso’s art works displayed therein.  Photos were not allowed inside.  Although I paid a nominal senior rate to enter the Picasso Museum, I luckily found and purchased a book on the complete works of Antoni Gaudi, who is now considered one of the most talented architects in history and his works are admired by experts and laymen alike.

For dinner, I went to a local restaurant just down the block from the hotel.  I had a very good hamburger (with sautéed onions and blue cheese), fries and a large-sized beer.

Photos belong to Phil Bianco

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