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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

AMA Cruise and Land Tour in Provence - November 25th/15....

For breakfast, a big breakfast from the Pullman Montparnasse buffet.

Today was an open day to do whatever we wished, and I decided to spend the whole day at the Louvre Museum.  I purchased an entry ticket for the Louvre at the hotel - this costs a few Euros more than that purchased at the Museum, but I did not have to wait in line of at least 100 people. 

I decided to use the subway, which was only about two blocks from the hotel.  In past years, there was always an attendant from whom one could buy subway tickets but now buying tickets is completely automated.  The subway was crowded during the rush hour, but trains run every few minutes so it did not take me long to arrive at the Louvre subway stop.   

I arrived at the museum early and then took some photos outside of the pyramid,  the Arch of Triumph, and the Ferris Wheel.

In past years, one entered through the pyramid entrance and immediately went through the security scans.  Now there is a temporary structure outside the pyramid with the security scans.  There were about six military personnel armed with automatic rifles around the courtyard and entrance to the Louvre.

I began touring the museum at 9:00 am. and, after the big breakfast, I skipped lunch.  At the Louvre, I saw the Mona Lisa, the Statue of Winged Victory, and Venus de Milo, and some of my other favorite works.  No matter how much time one spends at the Museum, it is impossible to see everything in a day.

At 5 o'clock, my feet surrendered and I took the subway back to the hotel.  It was raining hard again so I decided to eat at the hotel.  I had a broiled tuna steak with rice pilaf and green beans - hearty Italian bread and seasoned butter were included.  I also had a chardonnay wine, but no dessert.  

Photos belong to Phil Bianco

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