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Saturday, 31 December 2016

AMA Cruise and Land Tour in Provence - November 29th/15

The very cold weather continued, and I had my big breakfast on the ship.  Just 32 km south of Lyon is the attractive Roman town of Vienne.  The first stop on the guided tour was St Maurice Cathedral, and the second stop was the imperial Temple of Augustus and Livia.   The temple was turned into a church around the 4th century. 

Next, we were driven to the top of Mt. Pipet for an impressive view of Vienne.  Also seen from Mt. Pipet are the remains of the Roman Theater, capable of seating over 13000 spectators.  It was restored in 1938, and is now used for a variety of musical festivals and entertainment events.   Also located at the top is the Chapel of Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette, erected in the 19th century.

Next we went to  the town’s city hall in a tourist train trolley.  We walked around the farmers market  on the way back to the ship.  Near the docks was a memorial to all the French who died in all of France's wars.

After the tour of Vienne, we departed on the AMADAGIO for Tournon.

For lunch, I had creamed vegetable soup, gnocchi with small tomatoes in a pesto sauce and mixed green salad with artichokes, asparagus, olives, peppers and green beans.  For dessert, there was a cheese and cherry pastry.  I had the iced tea and a few espressos.  


 Then we went into Tournon for a wine tasting.  The wines were all from the 300 acres of “Hermitage” vineyards that grow on the almost treeless, granite slopes of Tournon’s prominent hill.  Terrace upon terrace of vines face the south, thus benefitting from the full force of the sun’s rays.   The “Hermitage” red is one of the world’s longest-lived wines and a fine vintage will last for a good forty years.

For dinner,  I had the peach cocktail and for the soup, the poultry consomm√© with rice and green beans.  For the main course, the braised beef in a red wine sauce with roasted potato wedges and for dessert, the lemon tart.  The braised beef was excellent, and I had the red wine.  After dinner, I went up to the lounge for some espressos.  

We had the best entertainment of the cruise tonight.  The group was called La Strada, and was comprised of two violins and one guitar.  Mostly classical pieces were played - a nice evening.

Photos belong to Phil Bianco

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