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Sunday, 25 December 2016

AMA Cruise and Land Tour in Provence - November 22nd/15....

We followed this cruiser on his Christmas Cruise down the Danube River, then in Portugal in July/15, and now we are going to follow him on his Cruise and Land Tour in Province with extensions in Paris and Barcelona.  Here is his Blog...

Cost of Provence land/cruise trip Nov/Dec 2015:
Airfare:  $1107
Cruise:  $3267 (after solo promo discount of $1599)
Paris/Barcelona Extensions:  $2640                              Total:  $7014 US dollars

AMA Waterways offered a good airfare with Delta Airlines (DAL) so I decided to use AMA's fare and add to my DAL mileage.  I paid extra for an upgrade going to Paris that entailed better food and alcohol.  My first flight was from Jacksonville to Atlanta -  layover was about two hours.  The flight from Atlanta departed for Paris at 3:20 pm and lasted just about nine hours. They offered a good selection of movies and other shows.

For dinner, I selected the grilled shrimp and green salad with a pretzel-type roll, a fruit salad and chocolate brownie.  Alcoholic drinks were included so I had red wine with dinner and a cognac.  For breakfast, I had a mini-croissant with strawberry jam, Greek strawberry yogurt, orange juice and coffee. 

DAL conducts a much better travel experience than other American airlines, like United, that I have used.  We arrived a little earlier than scheduled in Paris—before 6:00 am on Nov 23rd.

AMA met me at Charles De Gaulle Airport and arranged a transfer to the Pullman Montparnasse Hotel by private car, and  I was the only person in the private car.  The weather was rainy and inclement.  I arrived at the hotel at about 7:00 am, checked in and was given a room immediately.  As usual, I did not sleep on the plane and felt very tired, so went to sleep. 

This was about a week after the Paris massacre, but I did not notice any additional security at the Charles De Gaulle Airport relative to a few years ago.  At the Pullman Montparnasse Hotel, they examined all bags, including suitcases and camera cases, when entering the hotel; also, it was required to walk through a metal detector.
 Photos belong to Phil Bianco  


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