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Friday, 8 April 2016

Cruise and Land Tour in Portugal - July 19th/15....

For breakfast, I had a egg, potatoes and bacon along with orange juice, fresh fruit and coffee.

Then we drove to the Mateus Palace - what was different about this AMA tour versus the Trafalgar one on July 7th was that AMA included a tour inside the manor house and chapel.  Unfortunately, no photos were allowed inside the manor house, but photos were allowed inside the chapel.

All the rooms had wooden ceilings and almost all of them were divided like an octagon (eight sections) which sloped downward to the center of the ceiling.  This is the first time that I have seen ceilings like this.  The Manor House was not as grand as others that I have seen but it had an intimacy and warmth which rendered it comfortable and livable. 

After the tour of the Mateus Palace, we returned back to the ship and cruised to Biteos, where we would stay overnight.

For lunch, I had the cream of carrot soup and then cod cakes, wedge potatoes and steamed vegetables.  For dessert, there was cherry mousse, and I had iced tea.

For dinner, we went to the Alpendurada Monastery, which overlooks the Douro River. This monastery was in the possession of Benedictine monks until 1834, and it has been a hotel and restaurant for several years now.  We received a brief tour before going into dinner.

This was the poorest meal that we had on the entire trip (including the Trafalgar one) - it was not outright bad, but it could have been better.  There were bread rolls and olives on the table, and we started with a large bowl of soup.  The main course was roasted pork loin cooked in a traditional oven, roasted potatoes and a mixed green salad.  The dessert was a custard cream, and the wine was unlimited.

Photos belong to Phil Bianco  

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