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Friday, 1 April 2016

Cruise and Land Tour in Portugal - July 13th/15....

 I had the buffet breakfast at the Turim Hotel.

The AMA Waterways Tour used the Intercontinental Hotel (IH) in Lisbon.  The IH was only about three blocks from the Turim so, after checking out from the Turim at about 11, I walked to the IH.  I had to wait about a hour and a half because the room was not ready.  I walked around and found the AMA desk in the basement, took some photos of the hotel, and read a book in the lobby.

The IH is a very nice hotel.  It had a comfortable lobby and mezzanine with a restaurant and meeting rooms - my room was excellent.

Today was a lost day for sight-seeing.  I had to meet with the AMA tour director at 3 - I wanted to be sure that AMA knew I had joined the tour because tomorrow morning, the AMA tour departed by bus to Oporto to embark on the river boat.

Once again, I skipped lunch.

Dinner was at my own expense since this was a pre-extension day with AMA.  Dinner at the IH restaurant was very pricey, so I walked around the area where the IH was located to find a small local restaurant, and found a small Italian restaurant on a back street.  Judging from the way they looked at me when I entered, I do not think they have many tourists. There were tasty bread rolls with butter on the table and I ordered minestrone soup in a large sized bowl.  For the main course, I had green (spinach) fettuccine with a spicy Bolognese meat sauce and I had a coke.  It was a good meal, and I spent about half of what I would have at the hotel.

Photos belong to Phil Bianco 

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