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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Jaro and his bike are now in Chile (middle February/16)....

Nice little route for the daily training ride.  Start from my place in Valdivia (at lower right), cross the bridge to Isla Teja, then along the university campus up towards the park for a little warm-up.  Then up into the student residences section, before turning towards the loop around the residential blocks at top left of the map.

This little loop is about the length of a criterium circuit but features a couple of climbs, including a very steep one that tops out at about 61m altitude, right near the top of the map before the fast descent back down.
With six tours of this loop, the complete route takes almost exactly one hour.

Yellow + checkers means "taxi", but I do not know how they operate.

I missed a really great shot -  One of those massive sea lions waltzed up onto the harbor deck right next to the fish market - and between a group of startled pedestrians.  By the time I realized what was happening and got the camera out, he dove back into the water, making a big splash.  Maybe next time.......

Photos belong to Jaro Franta.

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  1. Great place to be in the middle of our Canadian winter I would say. Of course the bicycle would likely kill me but nothing wrong with walking.