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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Jaro and his bike are now in Chile....

Following my ferry over to Corral, I then spend about an hour at the Fort.  Originally constructed by Spanish colonialist forces to fend off foreign invasion, the Fort was finally taken by Chilean's independent attack - how ironic.
When I bike the coastal road, going north and west from Corral, I have to make sure I get back in two hours - otherwise it  is another two hour wait for the next ferry.

There are no gift shops or vendors at the fort - it is pretty deserted.   The town of Corral does have a few small restaurants and shops.  It is a pretty, quiet town - most activity appears to revolve around fishing or the woodchip plant.

Funny thing about the fort at Corral is that I had some difficulty finding the entrance. It looks to be obvious from the port, but when you get up on the little hill, just past the center of town, all you find is a police station - the fort is behind.  I had to ask a policeman who was coming out of the building. Turns out the entrance is at the end of a little dead end street, to the left of the police station. There is a little booth there, with a girl who sells the entrance tickets.

This was mid-week, so almost nobody there, except one couple whom I talked to them a bit - the woman was German and the man was from Michigan.
Corral town hall.

The entry to Fuerte Corral is CLP1000 (about a toonie).

Photos belong to Jaro Franta

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