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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Jaro and his bike are now in Chile....

Heading in the direction of Paillaco, after a confusing start where I could not find the beginning of the road to Los Lagos.  Ended up doing the loop counterclockwise instead of clockwise, as originally planned.   This particular lookout spot had an unusual amount of trash spread around - in general, I have found roads around here to be maintained pretty immaculately clean.  It is not unusual to see road maintenance crews walking along the side of the road, picking up trash.
 Los Lagos
This is the same route as last week's eastward ride; only this time, I got the directions right and did it clockwise, instead of anti-clockwise.  A little over 5 hours in the saddle - that is a lot for just a 110km ride.  A fair bit of climbing of course, plus I am not in my best shape.

The central park in Reumen.  Evidently the intentions were good, but this little town is pretty dead, so the park looks to be slowly returning to nature.  Can not complain about the road though, which is excellent, with very little traffic.  Passed by a local school later, where many of the kids waved and shouted "hola!" as I went by (returning the gesture, of course).

This particular shot is from just west of the town of Los Lagos (about 50km east of Valdivia) and focuses on the distant, snow-capped volcanoes.  I believe the one on the left is Villarica, and on the right, Choshuenco (very close to the border with Argentina).

Great road back to Valdivia, except for the very last bit - about 1km - which is gravel.

Turns out my guesstimate of the length of this route was off by 10K - it is actually 120K long, not 110.  Total climbing is 1116m.  Not too bad, actually.

Photos belong to Jaro Franta.

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