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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Christmas cruise on the Danube River - Dec 19th...

Buses took us from the ship to the central part of Vienna for a walking tour.   There was a Christmas market with the usual selection of stalls  - I noticed a stall selling Murano glass from Venice  Some Europeans travel a long way to establish stalls to sell their wares - establishing a Christmas stall can be quite expensive - between 800  - 1,000 Euros.

The buses then took us to the Rathaus (Town Hall) where there was an even larger Christmas market.  AMA Waterways gave us a voucher for a free Glue, which is wine heated just short of boiling. 

I had a light lunch at the ship - mustard soup, a chicken wrap, green salad, cold cuts. They also had the Sacker Tort which is famous in Vienna - an apricot and chocolate cake, which is very good.

The buses returned to the Rathaus Christmas market after lunch, but I passed.  I really wanted to go to the Museum of Art - several years ago, I was able to spend several hours at the Museum, which is one of the most important art museums in Europe.   AMA offered an optional trip to the Schonbrunn Palace, but since I had seen it on a previous visit, I also passed.  I wish we could have stayed another day in Vienna.

For supper,  appetizers were chicken teriyaki and marinated tiger prawns; then beef consomm√©; and for the main course, the schnitzel Vienna style.  I have had good schnitzel before, but I did not think this was very good - it seemed dried and a little tough.  I ordered apple strudel for dessert but we were running short of time to make the concert, so I missed the apple strudel, which I like very much.

This optional concert was held in the Vienna Palace Auersperg, which is a private palace.  It was an evening of Mozart and Strauss music -  the Vienna Residence Orchestra conducted the performance.  There were ten musicians, two dancers and two vocalists performing selected works.    I enjoyed the performance, which included some of my favorite works.  There was an intermission during which Champaign was served.  As is traditional with this type of concert, the last work performed was the rousing Radetzky March. 

We returned late to the ship where a late night snack was served in the lounge.  It included beef goulash soup and sausages with rolls and mustard.  Several desserts and fruit were also served.  They certainly fed us very well and very frequently.

Photos belong to Phil Bianco


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