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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Memories of Mandalay cruise....

Next morning, Viking played a little game with us in Magway.  They gave us the English name of something that we had to buy in the market, and they gave us money.  We had to figure out what the item was by one way or the other.  My item was "tobu"; the tour director pronounced it "tosu". It occurred to me that it sounded like "tofu", which most people are familiar with from Chinese menus.
After walking around for a while, I saw someone who had what looked like a block of cheddar cheese.   I mentioned the word "tosu".   She nodded yes; I luckily had my item but not everyone did. It was interesting walking through their market, and I got quite a few photos of things like betel nut, thanaka wood, and various foods.
 For lunch, we had chicken soup with vegetables. The main dishes were Burmese fish with peanut curry; grilled vegetable sandwich; and pasta bolognaise.   For dessert, chocolate cake and an assortment of fresh fruit.

We toured the town of Minhla, another location in Myanmar that was difficult to find anything in my travel guide books or the internet.  This is a small town, and oil drilling and refining are big in this area.  Minhla is known because of the presence of Fort Minhla,  which was built by two Italian brothers as a defense against the British invasion of Burma.

For dinner, the appetizers were tomato salad with cheese and classic shrimp cocktail.  Mains were baked chicken breast with shallots and mashed pumpkin potatoes; or sea bass fillet with fresh vegetables and tomato lemon vinaigrette (my choice); or bell pepper stuffed with carrots, tomatoes, onions, and olives served on turmeric fried rice. The soup was vegetable cream, and I had white wine. The dessert was crepe suzette with orange sauce and ice cream.  This was another good dinner.

Photos belong to Phil Bianco.


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