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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Memories of Mandalay cruise....

After lunch, then on to the Royal Palace, which was the last in a long line of fortified royal citadels erected on the banks of the Irrawaddy by successive Burmese rulers. 

Twelve gates pierce this formidable perimeter, corresponding to the signs of the zodiac. Each is said to have been inaugurated with a human sacrifice - a total of 52 persons (selected at random from passers-by) were buried under teak posts at each of the entrances to protect the palace’s most vulnerable points in the event of attack.

Then we visited three types of craft shops -  (1) production of gold leaf which is used to apply to Buddha images to display reverence and respect; (2) sculpturing marble statutes and images mostly of the Buddha; and (3) producing wood carving and tapestries. 

These types of crafts can also be found in other countries in Southeast Asia and India. Except for the marble sculpturing, the prices seemed reasonable, and some people in the tour were purchasing the crafts.

And then, back to the ship.  Viking gave us a selection of three main entrees, and on this particular night, I ordered fried fish.   It was the only dinner during the cruise that I was dissatisfied with, and I did not finish it.

We also always had soup or salad and a dessert. There was not one soup which I did not like during the whole cruise - the soups for both lunch and dinner were always very good.  We also could order beer, wine (from Chile), or soft drinks.

Photos belong to Phil Bianco.


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