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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Jaro and his bike are now in New Zealand.....

A fabulous day for exploring new territory....

I was not sure if Kaiatea Road was paved, from looking at the map, but it turns out the map must be a bit outdated, since the road is in fact top-rate pavement – with zeeeero traffic!

Tutukaka is a Maori name, but I do not know what it means.  It sounds a bit Italian – in which case “Tutukaka Coast” might be taken to mean “Coast where everyone goes to kaka”.   Nice region though.

Ride goes ENE from Whangarei on a mostly flat, very fast road until a left at Kaiatea, which adds interest because it makes a loop out of what would otherwise be just an out-and-back ride on Ngunguru Road.

Very hilly too.

Photos belong to Jaro Franta.

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