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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Jaro and his bike are now in New Zealand.....

Mt Parihaka - Whangarei belvedere  

This is the equivalent of Mt. Royal in Montreal.  From various perspectives in the surroundings, the mountain looks about the same height as Mt. Royal but is not as wide, so the belvedere at the top is a much smaller place.

The new drawbridge can be seen at left, and if you look carefully, the new footbridge is just off-center, also to the left.

Biking to the top seems tougher than "The Hood" on Mt. Royal - perhaps because the start is at sea level, whereas in Montreal, one starts climbing at maybe 60m.

 Stairs from the parking lot to the monument and lookout....


"No bikes" refers to the trails that go on from here.....

 Photos belong to Jaro Franta.

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