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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Specialty restaurant on the Cruise ship.....

One day, instead of serving breakfast, they were having a buffet starting at 10 o'clock.   Rather than waiting, I walked down to the Crepeier, had breakfast there for $5 US money, and the waiter suggested that I come to the specialty restaurant, Qzine.  During my first cruise, I did not eat in any specialty restaurants, even though I heard good things about them.

I said I was not a very big eater, and $45 for supper, plus tip, seemed a lot.  He told me to come during a port day, and it would only be $31.50.  He also offered me a drink in the restaurant, and as soon as I got there, the drink was ready.


 I made a reservation for after the port of Puerto Vallarta, and there was an invitation sent in the mail to my room.  The decor reminded me of Halloween with the orange and white chairs, but with an amazing view.

I went up at 6 o'clock.  The restaurant was not busy, and I had a window seat.  They give you the menu on an Ipod.   I had a salad with a fried goat cheese patty.  Excellent filet mignon steak with little glasses of macaroni and cheese, potatoes, gravy, vegetables....

Then, after that, they bring you this shelf filled with things to eat - chicken satay, shrimp, chili.    I think my tray was only 9 shelves, but I was too full to have any of it.

And they were passing strawberries covered with chocolate after supper.  I had a cheesecake for dessert, but again, was too full to do it justice.

One day, everybody who is interested in Sushi was invited to Qzine for a lesson.

The restaurant was busy during the night.  I enjoyed visiting with the staff, and doing something a little different.

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd and Celebrity.

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