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Monday, 13 January 2014

Our fourth stop was in Guatemala......

There was a tourist area set up right outside the ship.  There were lots of souvenir shops and a 

I spent about an hour sitting on the rocks watching the iguanas.

I gave her a tip, and said to save it for college, but I don't think she could speak English.  Lots of rest areas - a big fan that you can stand in front of.

Two of the shops were air conditioned with nicer stuff  - I bought a jade necklace for $140 - the vendor told me it was made here - and a child's necklace - $10 US money.

In the first building, there was a post office, and men playing music.  I mailed a postcard home - $3 for the stamp.

They put on a fashion show for us - very nice.  And you got to sit in the shade.

Later on, I was talking with some cruisers - they were 9 on a small bus and went to the city of Antiquana for $35.  They stopped and visited an old church, then went for a smorgasbord for $12.   I wish I would have gone with them, because it was a long day here.

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

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