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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Our fifth stop was Puerto Vallarta, Mexico....

Unfortunately, we were only here until 3 p.m.  By the time you had breakfast, spent a little time downtown, then it was time to go back to the ship.

Wear shoes with good soles - this was the street behind - where you are walking is a little better, but you know you are walking on cobblestones.

When you get off the ship, they immediately load you into taxis.  We went 10 to a van, about 20 minutes, and it was $3.   We were dropped off at McDonald's - lots of restaurants, souvenir shops, drugstores, tequila and cigar stores......

If you walk about half-way, you will see the Flea Market.  Lots of stalls, and in the middle, a little pub.  I sat right besides the big fan, ordered a Mexican beer, $3 with tip, and had a nice visit with two young men from Edmonton.

I went to McDonald's for lunch - right outside, they were loading taxis for the ride back to the ship.  Again, it was only $3, and I rode back with the same English couple that I had met in the Pillars Hotel.

Once we got back, there was maybe 20 souvenir stalls set up just outside the ship.  The vendors were so aggressive that I did not feel comfortable walking through the stalls.  But then I meet a nice one - with a joke and a smile, he had me in his shop, and I bought a red purse to wear with blue jeans for $25 US money.

There was also a pharmacy set up outside the ship.  I bought some pain pills - they had a medical journal in English where you can look up any pill.  The pills were priced at $20, but I only had $17 left, and this was acceptable to them.

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

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