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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Jaro had visitors in San Diego....

This was on a weekday before the holidays, so not all that many people around, and the pelicans hang out closer to the paths - these guys were just a couple of meters away in La Jolla.  In Oceanside, they seem to be even more tame.

This was before Mark and Vera showed up with their rental car, so the bike was my normal means of transport.....

This is Fletcher Cove .... very popular spot, with various cafe's and shops nearby.  I think that with the sun's track across the sky being so low at this time of year, there is an increased chance of seeing a double rainbow.

Off the coast of California.   Maybe missed two  days because of rain - I took off more days than that for hikes or just rest/shopping.

My sister, Vera, from Quebec, and my nephew, Mark, from Oregon. They were here for 10 days  and stayed at my apartment.  We had a great time visiting a bunch of popular venues in the region, and Mark spent a lot of time surfing at Del Mar beach - rented a board and wet suit at Rusty's, near the beach.

They had a rental car the whole time, so I got to do things that are normally off limits for bikers.  The rental car is  about getting somewhere, and then being able to do a stroll or longer hike without worrying about the bike being safe.   For instance, the photo here is on the pier in Oceanside - bikes not allowed.  Same with the San Diego Zoo.  Other places are just too far to bike, like Ansa Borrego State Park.

Photos belong to Jaro Franta.

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