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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Bike/Car accident in San Diego.....

I saw another bike/car accident scene on the hugely popular coastal route 101 at Cardiff Beach.  This time, I did not see the accident happen; just the aftermath.  There is a wide bike lane in Cardiff (like most of the 101 up to Oceanside) and the car was immobilized diagonally, with the back blocking the right car lane and the front in the bike lane, with the cyclist lying under the front right of the car.

There were several other bikers around by the time I got there, and some cars were stopping too.
This was another obvious case of the car turning right into the bike lane, without looking if there was any bike traffic, or just assuming that he would complete his right turn before the bike passed – i.e. underestimating the biker’s speed.

This is almost identical to the situation I faced a couple of days ago in Torrey Pines, where a right-turning car would have taken me down in the bike lane, were it not for the hard emergency braking that saved me (there was another biker several meters back who saw the impending accident and shouted to warn me, but I already knew what the driver was up to).

Now, back to my visitors.....

This is Del Mar beach - just south of Solana.  Actually, the cliffs in the distance are in Solana.

Unfortunately, there is no train station in Del Mar.

This is on the road to Borrego Springs, just after cresting the pass.  It was raining all day on the west side of the pass (see the dark clouds) and sunny all day on the east side.  Extremely windy here at the lookout point - glad I was not on the bike - the wind nearly blew the door off the car when I was getting out.

Accident photos were published in Quebec, 2010 
All others belong to Jaro Franta.

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