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Sunday, 1 December 2013

We had two sea days to our first port......

It took about an hour of standing to board the ship, but very efficient.  And lots of people to help if you are having any problems.

I wanted to drop off my carry-on, so went to the cabin.  My cabin was on Floor 2 - the first floor with passenger cabins.  You could really hear the engine noise, but after two or three days, I didn't mind it.  The cabin was quite a big bigger than Holland America's cabin.

On this cruise, I had breakfast in the dining room instead of at the buffet - it is nice to be served, and lots of cruisers ate here.  You do not have to look for seats - the waiter sits you, and you can either join a table or sit by yourself.  I sat with many different people, and really enjoyed breakfast.

During the second day,  I went to Customer Service, and asked the dining room supervisor if I could sit with single people.  That night, in the dining room,  they asked me to go upstairs to the fixed hours dining room - the clerk set me back downstairs to ask for a certain table number.   I was the only one at the table, and the waiter told me that my reservation was for 8:15 - it was only about 6:30.   They then seated two American couples with me (married), but we had a good visit.  So no singles table in the dining room... and, after that, I ate upstairs on Deck 10. 

I went to the buffet for supper because I found the dining room to be noisy, and a little dark.   I ate about 5:30 and then went to the 7 o'clock show.

I got seasick the third day, but did not need any pills - I just had a good rest in my cabin that afternoon.  I was going to watch a movie, but there were no free ones - $12.99 for a movie.
Holland America had lots of free movies - even though they were not first-run, it is nice to watch a movie, especially on an early night.  There was also no movie theatre on the ship. 

The ship seemed huge to me, but there were lots of places to sit.   There is a library on the 8th floor, open 24 hours, so lots of reading material.  The non-fiction is upstairs in the library, so either take the stairs in the library or get off on Deck 9.    I like to pick a book and read on the lounge chairs on Deck 4 - peaceful....

Laundry was very expensive.   A blouse was $4, pants $5,  and underwear was $2.   I washed my clothes in the room -  the ship did have a clothesline in the shower, but bring some clothespins and a couple of hangers from home.  Also, bring a power cord from home.

At night, the poker game did not start till 10 pm.  And I never played to a full table - just 3 or 4 cruisers.  We did not like this electronic poker table, and after about 3 nights, only playing for about an hour, I quit playing poker.  The Casino was really busy though.

If you like the Spa, you can have lunch here too. 

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd and Celebrity.

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