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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Our first stop was at Cartagena, Colombia......

I left the ship about 9:30.  There was a cruise terminal about a 10 minute walk away, but I did notice smaller buses driving passengers from the cruise ship.  The terminal was nice - lots of souvenirs, coffee shop, Wi-Fi, restaurant, and lots of birds.

After about an hour,  I decided to take a taxi downtown.  In the taxi stand, a  Columbian, older guy, asked if I wanted to take a taxi for two hours for $80.   I had only taken $60 ashore, so we agreed on $50, because I did not want to go shopping, so only needed the taxi for about an hour or so.   He called the taxi, got in the front, and we went to the Old City. 

At breakfast the next morning, I was talking to two cruisers, and they said they had taken a cab with a tour guide, and it was $80, but they did stop at a market.

He was my tour guide for a walk around the Old City - very polite and interesting.  He answered all my questions, and we had a good visit.  

In the Old City, if you use the washroom - $1 to the attendant.  Lots of vendors, but with the guide, just shake your head.

The weather was cloudy  but very humid.  After about an hour, my hair and my clothes were soaked through.  Other cruisers the night before told me about the mosquitoes, and told me to wear a long sleeved shirt.  I was wearing a light sweater, which I took off and put in my backpack -   I asked the tour guide to carry the backpack, and he said it was his pleasure.

We walked around the Old City for about an hour and we climbed the wall surrounding it. But, again, so humid.......

The cab waited for us just outside the Old City - what a treat to come back to air-conditioning.  I asked the tour guide why had he waited, and he said that he is not allowed to leave.  Back at the terminal, he asked for a tip for them, and I tipped them $5.  Well worth the $55 because this was my own time - I did not have to rush in the morning to take the tour - and a very interesting tour guide.

Back at the terminal, I sat for a little bit in the restaurant.   I noticed that for many passengers, this was their only stop off the ship.  I took the shuttle bus back to the ship - who were  waiting outside with face clothes soaked in ice water and a glass of water to drink.

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

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