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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Jaro takes a hike and a bike ride......

This particular beach is about 25 km south of Solana, so maybe about 40 minutes bike ride.  The nearest beach to my place is around Fletcher Cove, which is maybe a 15 minute walk - less than 10 minutes bike ride.

Besides the bike, I occasionally hike to Fletcher Cove and along the beach - makes for a nice rest day.
The pelicans are fun to watch in flight.  They fly very close to the surface, with wing tips nearly touching the water and "surf" the air that is pushed ahead of a wave, flying parallel to and just ahead of the wave crest -- they are better surfers than any of the people with their fiberglass boards..... 

Most of the roads here have a designated bike space.  Some sections of Hwy 101 have an entire lane designated for bike use.  I know there are also dirt paths, but never tried them.

It is a pretty amicable scene on the roads - often small groups of bikers form along the way, and sometimes we strike a conversation....

Photos belong to Jaro Franta.

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