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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Staying at the Pillars Hotel, Ft. Lauderdale.........

I stayed at the Pillars Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale for two nights, and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

In the morning, the hotel had coffee in their lobby, which I enjoyed from their garden seating on their quay.  People were having breakfast on the quay - I meet a couple from England who were taking the same cruise as me.

Ft. Lauderdale is nicknamed Venice because of it's waterway connection.  The Pillars Hotel is located on the waterways, and the water taxi will pick you up - the hotel will phone the water taxi, and you wave to them from the hotel quay. 

You will see yachts, billionaire homes, people fishing, and kids all tied together and taking sailing lessons.  The captain has a little spiel - interesting.  The water taxi costs $20 for the day ($17 for seniors) and runs to about 10 at night

I took the water taxi downtown, turned left on main street, and they were lots of restaurants serving breakfast.  If you are two, split  the breakfast cause big American portions.

Look around the stores, then take the water taxi back to the hotel for a rest besides the pool.  Later in the afternoon, I took the water taxi to the waterfront, and then back again. 

I had supper at the hotel quay - really nice, and after eating, you are right at your hotel.

Unless you like stairs, stay in the downstairs rooms facing the pool.   However, there were some young people there, and they were talking the stairs two at a time.  There is a library on the 2nd floor if you like to read besides the pool. 

I was  talking with the couple from England and, like me, they had difficulties with the television.  But we said that we were not here to watch tv.

The front desk told me it was $35 to take a cab out to the cruise ship, so I split the cab with the couple from England.  The cab ride turned out to be only about $20. 

The couple from England and me both said that we would stay at the same hotel again - it was quiet and restful and very nice. 

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