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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Jaro went on a bike trip to San Diego.....

 Jaro went from mid November to the end of March .  Here is his blog....

I am renting a fairly large apartment (for a single person) but it is completely unfurnished, except for kitchen appliances.   The rent is $1425, and does not include utilities, but that is not a lot extra.

Yes, California is expensive!   On the other hand, the airfare is a lot cheaper than overseas.   This year, the exchange rates for the Eurozone did not look good, so I figured it is time for a return to CA.
To help me get started, I left the wheels of my bike at home and instead put an inflatable mattress and sleeping bag into the bike case with the bike frame. 

I bought a new set of wheels here at a bike store I knew from previous years.   In fact, I ordered the wheels before departing Montreal, and then just picked them up here in Solana.   Still, when flying down, there is a $100 charge for the extra oversize luggage.

About buying furniture, I asked around a bit and got a good tip on a large, second-hand store about 20 km. north of here in Oceanside.   I dropped by on the bike last week, and bought a nice sturdy table ($25) and chair ($8).   Shipping to Solana was $25.

By contrast, the taxi from the airport to Solana was $70.    No TV, but I have high-speed internet, same as at home.

My lease is until the end of March (I haven't bought my return ticket yet).

Photos belong to Jaro Franta.

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