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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Disappointing cruise to South America.....

When I took the cruise to French Polynesia, I became good friends with a fellow cruiser, whom was taking this 31 day cruise to South America, leaving in March.    Here is his blog.....

Regarding the particulars of the cruise:

Embark Date:   March 31, 2013          Disembarkation Date:  May 1, 2013
Ship:                Veendam                     Voyage:                        E316D
From:               Buenos Aires to Fort Lauderdale
Duration:         31 days (35 days for those continuing to Boston)

Of the 37 trips I have taken since 2001, this one rates as my most disappointing.  There was only one other trip that I was disappointed in.  I am not usually easily disappointed. 

Regarding Holland America (HAL) cruises, I have always given them a high rating of "9". This time I gave them a "3" and after seeing how they handled disembarkation, I am disappointed that I had not given them a "1".  Of all the HAL cruises I have taken, this one finishes at the bottom across the board.

I heard that this was the captain’s first cruise as a captain.  He displayed a rigid authoritarianism about everything. Whatever he did, it was to the convenience of himself or HAL, at the disadvantage of the passengers.  He was totally oblivious to the convenience and comfort of the passengers.

The safety briefing took more than four times longer than on any other HAL ship that I have been on.  Some people were not showing up for the briefing - so he kept everyone waiting on the deck and kept announcing that those missing show up for the briefing.

Those of us who showed up were wondering when this would end. Some people had difficulty standing for so long and were hurting. I heard later that some who did not show were not on the ship or were still ashore. There seemed to be a lack of common sense.

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