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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Waxed my antique wicker furniture with a squeezy baster from Beyond the Rack.....

It is spring cleaning time, and my antique wicker furniture needs polishing.  Before, I always did this with a cloth and oil, and it would take forever.

I like to cook, and order lots of equipment for my kitchen from BTR.  I ordered a Zyliss Squeezy Baster to grease my pans, and I thought this would work on my antique furniture. 

The baster was $8.99 and the Restor-a-Finish in Natural was about $8.00 - any hardware store would have this. These two, with an old enamel bowl to hold the finish, is all you need.......

When you are ready for a break, use up the finish, and just sat the bowl and baster outside.  This gets rid of the smell, and it won't freeze or stiffen up - you can even leave it outside for two or three days, and nothing will happen. 

The baster was particularly good for doing the bench - fast and brushed away the dirt.  It was also good for doing underneath and on the posts.

When I was doing the roll around the top, the baster got rid of any old dust.

The baster would give a good polish, especially underneath. 

So here it is - all done and it only took me about an hour. 

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