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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Jaro's bike ride to Midlands and price comparisons....

Unusually cool weather here today, with only about 22C in the central part of Mauritius - about like late May or early June in Montreal.  That was great for biking, along with the partly cloudy skies - another 6.5h ride today.  Started out on the familiar route from Albion to Beau Bassin, Rose Hill and Moka, then south to Côte d'Or, Hermitage and Belle Rive.

The plan was to continue to Ville d'Avray and Fressanges.  But I noticed a paved pedestrian path going off towards a lake, so I decided to try that.  Very scenic, with nobody on it.  Perfect.

What I didn't notice on my map, until returning home, is a little note saying that a dam and lake at Midlands are under construction - so I was thinking that I was at a completely different lake, because the one at Midlands is only indicated with a dashed blue line, and of course the roads shown going through it are completely different now.  I was totally disoriented.

After a bunch of false starts (roads ending in dirt tracks), I ended up doing a loop around Midlands and all the way back to Belle Rive, before it dawned on me what happened... no problem.  Great ride.

Regarding prices, there are some interesting comparisons to take note of.  For example, here in Albion, there is a "fresh chicken store" which sells nothing but chicken stuff - everything from chicken legs to frozen sausages made from chicken - apparently a very popular commodity here on Mauritius.  To illustrate, the other day I bought 10 chicken legs for a little over 400 rupees - about $13.  In Montreal, a similar purchase would cost about 30% more.

A few photos from Flic en Flac....

There are some good deals on wine and spirits here too - a local convenience store sells nice South African red wines for the equivalent of about $7.  Locally-made rum can be had for even less - $6 for a 700ml bottle!

The Winner's supermarket, a bit farther away, is more expensive, but a loaf of whole wheat bread costs just 29 rupees - about 95 cents.

Photos belong to Jaro Franta. 

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