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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Wednesday was Halloween.......

Now we settled in for 6 sea days - on Wednesday, it was Halloween, and this was a big celebration on the ship. 

In Tahiti, lots of stores had Halloween clothes in their window - not so much as costumes, just stuff you would wear - orange t-shirts, orange jeans......

I like to have a drink during their happy hour, which starts at 4 o'clock.  It was usually very busy in the Deck 3 lounge, but quiet in the Crows Nest.  The drinks are two for one, but each drink has to be the same - for instance, if you order a double spiced rum, then the other drink has to be a double spiced rum.  And if you order a diet coke, then the other drink has to be a diet coke. 

After dinner, I went to the Queen's lounge to save a seat for the other couple.  They wanted to go to the early show, and I wanted to go to the later one, so I saved them seats.   It was interesting in the Queen's lounge - lots of people dress up for Halloween.  They had singing, dancing and games, with lots of people getting involved. 

In the Vista lounge, there was also a Black/White dance, where you could dance with the officers from the ship.  The front seats were set back, and this turned into a small dance floor.  Lots of cruisers were watching.  Everyone who was dancing was very well dressed - some ladies were in white, but lots of other colours.

Dessert was served in the hallways - they had lots of desserts, but no place to sit.
I ate leaning against a bar, with lots of people around.

A good celebration, especially if you like to dance. 

Photos belong to Phil Bianco and Dorothy Lloyd.

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