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Sunday, 31 March 2013

To all of you who like shopping....

In Honolulu, I was in Chinatown and went to Victoria Boutique.  I bought this necklace and bracelet, with magnetic clasps, for $45.  Before that, I was always asking my cabin stewards to fasten my necklace.  Of course, they did not mind, but sometimes, there was no one around. 
During the 6 sea days, I was watching tv in my room, and was looking at pearl stringing taught on the ship.  It turns out that you can string anything, so I decided to take this course. You have to buy the pearls from the instructor - so these pearls, the teddy bear, the two silver beads in front and the clasp costs me $104.

The pearl stringing was held in the store and was very busy during the day.  But at night, it was quiet, and I usually went after dinner.  There was an older couple, excellent pearl stringers, Anna and Stu - who sat beside me, one on one side, one on the other side, until I finally picked it up.  They were very helpful and lots of personality.

On Fanning Island, I bought this sea shell - even though it is sitting in a drawer at home, I had to buy something and it was only $3. 

There was a store on the ship - lots of jewelry and clothing.  I bought some Chanel #5 for $100.

From Tahiti, here is the Polynesia skirt - it has elastic in the back and ties in the front with a bow,
so will fit everyone.  When I wore it on the ship, lots of compliments. 

The store advertises sale items in the daily program that is delivered to your room.  They had these bracelets on sale on the last day -  regular $125, but they had them for 70% off, so I picked them up for $40.

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

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