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Monday, 4 March 2013

The second day at Tahiti......

On Thursday, I walked around downtown and met these two young men.

Lots of chickens around.  I bought a ham sandwich here - $1.50 - and walked to the Presidental Palace and ate it sitting on the steps.  The Palace is very scenic - well worth to go and see it.   

 Walking to the palace, one statue has a big chicken on it.

 Lots of run-down buildings......

There is a hugh indoor market -  meat, fish, vegetables, prepared food, baskets, dresses,
perfumes, vanilla pods, flowers....

At one of the tourist shops, I found a polynesia skirt.  I had American money, but the clerk said if I pay with cash, taxes would add $10 to the bill.   So then I went to the ship, got my visa card and bought the skirt - $62. 
Presidental Palace
I loved Tahiti - I would have liked to have stayed out that night for drinks and dinner, but I was alone, so back to the ship.   But I wore the skirt for dinner that night  - lots of compliments.

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd and Google.

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  1. I almost went to the South Pacific this year ....... but wasn't in my budget. Opted to cruise to Caribbean with HAL. was good!
    Like this blog.