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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Our eleventh stop was Nuku Hiva.......

On Saturday, we docked at Taihae, Nuku Hiva -  I decided not to take Holland America's cruise around the island.    

The paddlers would come out and meet the tender - neat to see.

There were two girls, the mom and baby right besides the dock.  I gave the girls $1 each, and asked the mom if I could take their pictures.  I don't think she could speak English, but she called the boy over, poised herself, and here is the family.

These girls were working in a food booth - maybe more like socializing than working - I asked them to smile for all the boys in Canada....

For the cruise, I had not put my feet in the ocean.  On this island, I paddled in it - very dirty.  One of the other cruisers told me that they had an oil tanker upsteam which wept into the ocean.  

My computer card was not working, so I used another wifi place - 15 minutes for $3 - and run by an English speaking person.  I asked him where I should eat lunch and he told me the building below (white with red car).  In this same building, they had cooking pots out - I had rice and sweet potatoes cooked in a sauce and a can of coke - $7.  One of the woman could speak English, but she was busy with other things.  The other women spoke only french, but as I was eating lunch, we tried to talk a little.  Then the woman's husband, who is an American, came in and translated.
Every building had table after table with jewelry.  One of the men in the white building had home made knives worth about $1000 - beautiful. 
You were made to feel welcome here - there was music playing, shopping, and very nice people. 
Photos belong to Phil Bianco and Dorothy Lloyd.

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