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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Jaro's bike ride to the east coast of Mauritius....

Did I mention that there are some great sights along the roads in the south of Mauritius...

This is the Mare aux Vacoas, a fresh water lake in the south-central part of Mauritius.
It is fenced off, and appears to be the main fresh water supply for the population of the island.

Today's ride to the east coast of Mauritius, including the Pointe du Diable historic site.
Several showers along the way, but one always dries out a few kilometres after each one.
Only unlike a washer/drier cycle, on the bike you just keep getting dirtier instead of cleaner - by the time I got back to Albion, I noticed that my legs were a shade or two darker than my usual tan.

I was amazed how quiet this road was...hardly any traffic.   By contrast, it is a bit of a pain getting through the morning rush hour traffic in Quatre Bornes... it is kind of unavoidable, unfortunately.

Would you believe Deep River, Mauritius....

Photos belong to Jaro Franta.

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