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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Our tenth stop was Papeete, Tahiti......


I am from a small town in Northern Alberta, so was happy to dock at a city - Wednesday at Papeete, Tahiti, Society Island.    

Again, I took Holland America's tour around the island - costs were $130.   The tour left at 8:30 and lasted for the morning.   It was a nice bus - there was a tour operator with very good English.  He told us lots of history, plus he told us what it was like living there now.


The houses were older, but the lots seemed big....

They took us to a garden with a nice waterfall.

We also stopped at the Paul Gaugiun restaurant, where there were drinks set out for us.  I had a pineapple juice, the young woman next to me ordered a beer, so I also ordered a beer.  I was told, very politely, that there was only 1 drink apiece.  The young woman gave me half her beer - it was local beer and quite good.   I wanted to know the costs of food, but it was displayed only in French with francs, and the waitresses spoke only French.  There was some aquariums set up outside with live fish and sharks in them.

Then I went for lunch at the ship, and back out.   At the tourist booth, I tried to use the computer card that I had bought in Bora Bora.  They told me that they had another system, and I could walk across to the docks and try it there.  I was walking that way anyway, but the card did not work.  One of the computer technies told me that if you stayed on the ship, went and sat outside on Deck 10, the card would work there.  So if you buy a computer card in Bora Bora, use the hour there.

I went to McDonalds for supper - no wifi there either.   There was a chicken at McDonalds.  It is more expensive than at home - I had a ham and cheese pananni, fries and a coke - costs $12.

The stores closed at 6 o'clock, so I headed back to the ship and just sat outside for quite a while.

Next blog, continuation of Tahiti.....

 Photos belong to Phil Bianco and Dorothy Lloyd. 

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