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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Our seventh stop was the island of Raiatea....

The ship docked right up to the town of Uturoa, Raiatea.

There was a restaurant right besides the ship, with a couple of chickens and a rooster....

I had lunch here - french fries $5 and a can of coke $7.   I could have had a local beer for $5.

Downtown was right there.  I looked for somewhere to hook up my computer, but the clerks said the post office had wifi, but it was closed today.  I mailed some postcards home - high postal box.

There are government buildings if you walk about three blocks.  Very nice gardens and buildings.  Keep on walking and you will find a gate that is open, even though today was Saturday.

They had a farmers market set up for us, with free pineapple, coconuts, music and hula dancers.
Lots of jewelry here - a seashell necklace was about $70.

It was very hot, but I quite enjoyed this island.
Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

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