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Monday, 18 February 2013

Our ninth stop was the island of Moorea...

After my experience with Bora Bora, I was thinking about Holland America's tour around the island.  The other 3 that I sat with at dinner always took the tour - they all agreed it was a little too expensive, but a good chance to see everything.  I decided to take the tour around Moorea if I could go with them.  While they waited in line to be seated for supper, I went to the tour office and bought the ticket - about $90.

The tour left at 8 o'clock - too early for me.   The bus was comfortable, and just about full.
Everybody shared the road.

There was just the bus driver - he had a mic, but the people in the back could not hear.    We went to a Tiki village.  You could put on a temporary tatoo, and some did.....

When you reach the ocean, they have some drinks set up there for free - pineapple juice in the front and rum in the back.   The rum was good....

Then we stopped at a bay in the ocean - I noticed that lots of people did not get off the bus.

We climbed up a mountain for some more photos.   It was raining, and only about 6 of us got off the bus.  I could have taken a raincoat, instead I got drenched.

The tour lasted for the morning. There did not seem to be a downtown, so I went back to the ship.
I felt that I had seen the view points, but I did not get to meet the local people. 
Photos belong to Phil Bianco and Norm Burgoyne. 

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