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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Jaro's bike ride to La Fenetre de Makes.....

La Fenetre de Makes - that was SOME WINDOW yesterday!  A fab ride up to a belvedere overlooking Cilaos, the high altitude town I biked to a couple of weeks ago. The lookout is about 500m above Cilaos, which is at about 1150m altitude.

One can also see all the peaks surrounding the caldera - or at least the ones that aren't shrouded in clouds:  Le Grand Benare (2898m) and Les Trois Salazes (2132m) on the west side were most prominent, with the Sommet de l'Entre-Deux (2352m) to the east.

Piton des Neiges, the highest peak on Reunion (3070m) was visible on an almost direct line of sight behind the town of Cilaos, slightly off to the left.

Odd things growing on a rock face....

Arriving at the lookout point....

Route Forestiere 11.... nice road, beautiful forest.

Very foggy on this side of the ridge, a little over 1,000m altitude.

On the way back, a view of St-Louis and St-Pierre in the distance...

Photos belong to Jaro Franta.

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