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Monday, 7 January 2013

Our fourth stop was at Honolulu for two days.....

When I first got on the ship, I went to the Greenhouse Spa because my roots needed to be dyed. The spa quoted me about $80 to dye my roots plus the costs of the hairdo, so about $115 without the tip.   I thought this was lots, and we were going to Honolulu, so I decided to get my roots dyed in Chinatown.   However, I think that many women, especially older ones, have their hair washed and set at the Spa.

I got off the ship, crossed the lights, and walked north about 4 blocks in a shaded walkway. You come out besides Macy's and Ross store, and Chinatown is right there. I picked a hairdressing shop, had my roots dyed and my hair done for $45, which included two $5 tips.

I went to Macy's for lunch. Then shopping at Ross and Victoria Boutique.

I then took the bus out to Waikiki and walked around.   Then I took the bus back to the ship.

The next morning, I was eating breakfast with a couple from Saskatoon. They wanted to buy a camera case and I suggested that they go to Chinatown. I was walking there anyway, so I walked with them, and ended up spending the day with them. We did a little shopping, had a drink at McDonalds, and sat on a bench in the walkway before going back to the ship.

Two very relaxing days in Honolulu.

sewer sign
Photos belong to Phil Bianco and Dorothy Lloyd.

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