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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Our fifth stop was Hilo, Hawaii.....

On Friday, we docked at the town of Hilo, from the big island of Hawaii.  When you left the ship, there was a bus to take us downtown.  But the bus had already gone, and there were lots of people waiting.  I jumped in with another couple, and took a cab back and forth - $5 each way.

I walked up to McDonalds to use the computer.  Then I walked down to their farmers market.  Due to the over 125 inches of rainfall annually, lots of flowers, and you could take a bouquet back to the ship.


I bought some lemon butter - $6 for a small jar.  At home, I put it in pastry shells - very good.

Then went shopping, bought some postcards, and went to the Post Office.  I had lunch at McDonalds, walked back downtown, and then caught a cab with another couple back to the ship.
The town had lots of old buildings.

If I come again to Hilo, I might check out the bus schedule, and take a bus trip around the island.

 Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

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