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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Cyclone Dumile on January 3rd at Reunion Island....

A nice parting shot of Dumile, with RĂ©union Island near top centre of image, and Mauritius a little to the right of that.

We had an island-wide Alerte Rouge - nobody allowed outside homes or emergency shelters except emergency personnel and cops.

I did see a few houses damaged by fallen trees.  Consider though that unlike the US Eastern Seaboard, which is evacuated when a hurricane is approaching, on an island like RĂ©union, there is no place to evacuate to - people have to ride out the cyclone no matter how powerful it might turn out to be.

No problem with the house, which is actually almost new.  No windows rattling.

The big problem was really the long interruption in water supply, caused by a landslide that knocked out the main supply pipe to the whole town.  It took several days to fix that, and even today we lost it again.   And even when it does resume, they say its not potable unless you boil it for at least 3 minutes. But at least we can flush the toilets without bringing in water in bottles.

First bike ride since Dumile today !  Great to be out on the road again - and to be able to take a shower upon arrival.....

Photos belong to Jaro Franta and the local newspaper.

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