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Sunday, 9 December 2012

We had many sea days.........

Out of the 34 days, 19 of these were sea days.

The food was excellent.  I always had breakfast and lunch on the Lido deck, and supper in the downstairs dining room.  In the dining room, each dish was presented beautifully, and I tried many things that I had never tried before.  After a couple of weeks, I sat at the same table in the dining room with 3 other people, and another two filled the other seats, so supper was always pleasant.     

When I first got on the ship, I was so impressed with the food and desserts that I ended up gaining 5 pounds.  I was much more careful after that and managed to lose the 5 pounds, plus another 5.

And that was without any exercise - I took exercise clothes, thinking I would hit the gym or go swimming every day.  But I never did.  The gym was busy (when I would go and weigh myself) but the pool was not.  Lots of sun worshippers hanging out, but hardly any swimmers.  However, you are walking up and down the ship every day, so quite a bit of exercise there.

There is an excellent library on Deck 10, the Crow's Nest.  Here, you can play cards, go on the internet (very expensive), work on a puzzle, enter trivial pursuit contests, and read.  There is a bookcase right behind the librarian where you can exchange books - I picked up one to read on my flight home.  The dance lessons are held here as well, so you can watch them. 

In the afternoon, tea is held at 3 o'clock.  You sit around a table and meet many interesting people to talk too.  During the cruise, High Tea was held twice, and once an Indonesian Tea. 

This is the size of cabin that I thought I would have.  Mine was much smaller - two little night tables and the queen sized bed completely filled the cabin.  But you got used to it - you could watch movies, have a nap in the afternoon or read.

Next blog, night life......

Pictures belong to Phil Bianco, Norm Burgoyne and Holland America.

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