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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Our third stop was at Lahaina, Maui.....

During supper, I met a computer guy, James.  On the night before we got to Maui, we decided to rent a car and drive around.   James wanted to go to a restaurant in the town of Paia.  He had been here before and liked the restaurant.

Maui is a tender spot, which means you are taken over in lifeboats.  You have to wait until all the people taking shore excursions are taken over.  The ship announces when you can go, and you go down to the tender station.

                                                                                   Banyon tree

James used his business card, and we rented a nice car.  I paid him $65 for the car and gas.  We waited about 20 minutes for them to come pick us up - the rental place was quite far away.  When we handed the car back in, we had to take a taxi back - $20. 

Maui was really hot - too hot to walk around the town of Lahaina.  I was glad that I was in the car with air conditioning.

The restaurant was busy.  It was good to eat something away from the ship.  After we ate, we sat on the bench outside, and had a good visit with some tourists.

Then we went to Walmart as we both had some shopping to do, and then went to Second Cup.  James went to the hairdresser shop next door for a shave and a haircut, and I was on my computer.

We drove back after dark - it was nice to be with someone because it was after dark, and I didn't know the road.

So a good day in Maui.

 Pictures belong to Phil Bianco and Dorothy Lloyd.


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