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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Our first stop was at Astoria, Oregon.....

On the next day, when I went up for breakfast, the ship had docked at Astoria, Oregon.

Astoria has many, many volunteers -  they were meeting the boat, working on the trolley and volunteering downtown.

I was talking to the volunteers who were meeting the ship, and they were telling me about a private house full of antiques, and they told me that Holland America had a brochure of this house at their tourist booth.  They told me to to buy a bus ticket to go to the house.  Otherwise, I should walk up a block, and take their trolley going up and down the town.  I decided to go to the house, so I bought a bus ticket for $7.

I had lots of time to go and see the house, so when the bus stopped downtown, I got off and walked around. There was an old theatre downtown which is being fixed up - there is no charge, just a donation box. Well worth going to see. And the bathrooms are on the second floor, so again, well worth it to go upstairs.  I also went to the Deals store - a store we don't have in Canada - and bought 3 pairs of socks for $6, and love them all.

As I was walking around downtown, the trolley track was right there, and I jumped on the trolley. You took the trolley one way, got up and reversed the seats, and faced forwards again for the ride back. The trolley ride was $2 - and I think that if you paid $5, then you could ride it all day.   Neat little ride.

I asked the train volunteer about the house, and she said she would phone and find out.  After about 15 minutes, she told me that I would have to walk uphill for quite a way.

When I got back to the ship, I went to the tourist bus office, and asked them how to get to the house.  They told me that I would have to walk 5 blocks uphill from the bus stop.  I said that I had only bought the ticket to go to the house, and they immediately refunded my money - they were very polite and helpful.

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

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