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Sunday, 1 July 2012

I decorated my family room from Beyond the Rack....

I decided to stay home this past winter, and to decorate my family room.  The wicker set I inherited from my husband's grandfather - and I bought the green arm chair from The Brick.  I also started with the buffet, the wooden chair, the picture over the buffet, and the small picture right besides the fireplace. 

But everything else, I bought from Beyond the Rack.   The first thing that I bought was a glass Garden Vase - $34.99.  The light catches this in the afternoon .... beautiful.   


Next, was the Throw blanket in Aqua -  $19.99 and the 4 Hampton cushions - $63.96.
Then I bought the two Bamboo Stools - $89.88.

After that, the Iron Flower Vase pictures (2) ...$ 79.99

Then I bought the Blue Bird Watering Can - $19.99 - the Snowdrop Flowers - $18.99 - and the Flower Pot - $24.99....

Then I bought the Oak Avenue tray - $17.99.  The tea set was my own. 

After that, the Antiquity rug - $339.99.  This rug is made from wool, and is so deep and luxurious.   Then I bought the 2 Sunflower Tin Bag vases - $29.99. 

The costs from Beyond the Rack was $740.75, plus GST 5%, and shipping.  You can order up to 10 items for $11.95, and usually I did.  
So now I am finished decorating - except maybe I am going to buy a chandelier from BTR.  

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd


  1. Beautiful room! I love seeing people's homes. And thank you for your kind kind words. I love hearing from my readers. I hope you have a blessed day!

  2. Hi Dorothy, it’s a little tricky to look through our entire wall for the old comments but how about we give you some new ones?!
    We love this; the fact that you decorated your entire living room in BTR is amazing. Not to mention the saving Love the way the antique rug ties everything together. Looks great, thank you for sharing!